Saturday, July 25, 2009

We Are the Suckers of Capitalism

We "Americans" are gullible. In general, as a population we want to believe the best of people. I am one of those naive people. I think Americans as a whole largely want to believe in our government. We believe that institutions like the Food and Drug Administration are here to protect us. No matter how much data or how much information is put in front of you, sometimes it is hard to accept the truth. I mean-really let it sink in, that we are on our own.

There are people in our society who have clearly said there is something wrong with our food supply. Read a Michael Pollan book to educate yourself. After gathering a little knowledge you might not walk into a supermarket again. As a society, sometimes we are not able to capable of holding the truth. We like to hang out at the water cooler drinking the liquid of denial. We are so comfortable and cozy in our make-believe world. We hope things are as we wish them to be.

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