Saturday, March 21, 2009

Log Cabin Syrup kicks high fructose

This still will not come close to 100% real maple syrup, but the real thing is a pricey item for most families. Nonetheless, ask for the improved Log Cabin Syrup for breakfast in restaurants.

As more and more people turn to dining at home and selecting foods that are as natural as possible, Log Cabin Syrup ( is in tune with the times by introducing a reformulated syrup that replaces high fructose corn syrup with real sugar.

Log Cabin has been an American breakfast table staple since 1887. A great way to reintroduce yourself to Log Cabin if you haven't tried it in a while is with another new item, this one in the frozen food section - Van's All Natural Pancakes & French Toast Sticks (

These heated up in a jiffy in our toaster oven, but you can also pop them into the toaster to serve piping hot within a few minutes. You have your choice of wheat-free or buttermilk pancakes, and wheat free cinnamon or homestyle French Toast Sticks. Children (and parents) really love the quick convenience of these breakfast goodies, especially on a Sunday morning when mom and dad want to sleep in, but the kids want a fancy breakfast and they are early birds.
Until our next food find...may all your food finds be fabulous!



  1. You must be slow if you believe anybody switched from HFCS to sugar for health reasons. The only reason all of the big manufacturers switched to HFCS to begin with was to avoid having to declare "sugar" on their ingredient labels, plus the Corn Syrup was less expensive. Now that ethanol is using half the US production of corn syrup, its price is almost as high as sugar. And, now that the misinformed public is convinced that HFCS is worse than sugar (they're both just as bad for you, by the way), Log Cabin figures they might as well embrace sugar and look like the good guys. Bottom line, if you're blaming your obesity or any other health issues on the manufacturers, you clearly have self discipline issues. NO type of pancake syrup is good for you! Get over it. If it tastes good, it's not gonna make you thinner. Try moderation and stop blaming other people for your faults.

  2. That is fantastic! For a couple of years now, I have purchased only 100% Real Maple Syrup. However, that stuff is pretty darned expensive! As long as this Log Cabin product is competitively priced, my family may be eating more pancakes and waffles again.


    Please read this report concerning HFCS, mercury, and our foods.

  4. I recently tried this "new and improved" Log Cabin syrup. It is terrible; it tastes like sugar water.

    I agree with the comment about HFCS being denigrated solely because it has become expensive.

  5. Buyer beware. Corn Syrup is still the main ingredient. The front of the bottle looks like they have done away with corn syrup. This is misleading.

  6. David is right. I bought a bottle because I'm allergic to corn syrup, and usually the "No HFCS" label means "No corn syrup." Not in this case!! If you are allergic to corn products, as I am, this label is extremely misleading. Read the ingredients on the back label!!