Saturday, February 28, 2009

Green Your Diet Now: Twenty-four fresh ways to reduce your foodprint

Already get your tomatoes in season from the farmers’ market or — even better — grow your own organic produce? If you compost like a pro, sew your own reusable napkins from pre-loved fabric, and never, ever forget your organic cotton shopping tote, you might be feeling smugly self-satisfied about your eco-eating ways or (in true treehugger style) fully focused on how to shrink your food footprint even further.

After all, a whopping 20 percent of the fossil fuel used in the United States goes toward growing, moving, processing, packaging, selling and storing food, according to Food & Water Watch. And that’s even before we’ve prepared and cooked our food — or dealt with any food scraps, leftovers or packaging.

Luckily, even diehard 100-mile-dieters can pick up some new easy and effective eco-ideas in this list of 24 green eating tips. Make them part of your daily routine to save fossil fuels — and a few bucks! — without completely revamping your already-pretty-green lifestyle.

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