Monday, September 7, 2009

Five Reasons to Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup

Four words--high fructose corn syrup--describe an alarmingly ubiquitous sweetener that has the potential to make you into one chubby, sick puppy. You can find it in supermarket convenience food, canned goods, soda, juice and fast food. HFCS does nothing good for your body. But it's sweet and it grabs you in its sticky clutches. The intake of HFCS and table sugar, which also contains fructose, has risen to an average of 145 pounds a year per person. And not surprisingly, in part because of the obesity epidemic in the United States, HFCS has recently been the subject of much scientific research.

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  1. The fattening effect of HFCS does NOT come as a surprise to anyone in the world cattle or hog farming. You NEVER give live stock corn products UNTIL you want them fattened up.

    Glucose (sugar) is metabolized through out the body where as fructose (particularly HFCS) is metabolized in the liver ONLY.

    The Mercury studies ironically where posted when big agra spent millions on Super Bowl ads for HFCS. Coincidence? The findings were categorically denied until 'several' different independent studies surfaced confirming the first posted study. I find it very interesting, maybe even telling, how the 'established' medical community goes out of it's way to endorse HFCS as a 'harmless' product.