Monday, September 21, 2009

Finding the hidden high fructose corn syrup

Why are companies seemingly allowed to hide ingredients in sub-components of food? Or am I totally off base in my thinking.

In looking for a barbeque sauce without High Fructose Corn Syrup, we have noticed that most of the brands that do no list HFCS as an ingredient show "ketchup" as a main ingredient. What seems shaky about that is that most ketchup brands have HFCS as a component. We have noticed similar things with other foods - fish sauce is an example of something that is often listed but potentially has bad for you stuff like MSG in it.

So, the first part of my question is really about how is that legal (or right/ethical may be a better way to put it) to show something like ketchup as an ingredient but not actually list the ingredients of that sub-product? I understand that would be hard-ish to do although I cannot imagine it would be that hard. It just seems like an easy way to skirt having to list anything bad the package by just using a sub-component that contains the bad things. "Hey, eat this protein bar made up of honey and soylent green..."

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