Monday, April 19, 2010

Food industry takes a spoonful of sugar vs. corn syrup

Like golfer Tiger Woods, corn syrup has a team of spin doctors working on its image

Choosing sugar for its reputed health properties might sound bizarre, but it makes sense for some of the nation's biggest food-makers.

From Gatorade sports drinks to Heinz ketchup, familiar products are being reformulated with that well-known wonder food: snowy-white, refined cane sugar.

It's a quiet revolution, since many of these same companies see no advantage in bashing the ingredient that sugar increasingly is replacing: corn syrup.

Reading the labels of processed food today, a shopper might wonder whether high-fructose corn syrup makes up the very stuff of the universe. It's seemingly everywhere, from soup and salad dressing to bakery goods — and especially soft drinks.

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