Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The High Fructose Corn-spiracy

This “all-natural” process for creating high-fructose corn syrup was really a US Patent 3,689,362 by Yoshiyuki Takasaki in 1972.How’s that high fructose corn syrup working out for you, America? Why should you care that almost all Americans consume sugar in almost everything they eat and drink now. Has anyone seen the latest ad on TV by the Corn Refiners Association? Here’s a link to the advertisement. Think about what this advertisement cost the Corn Refiners Association. Also, pay attention to what the advertisement says. Are there any facts? No. Well, there are 3 they want to share with you:

It’s made from corn.
It’s all natural.
It’s safe in moderation.

Yes, it’s made from corn, but no it’s not all natural. Think about the words “all natural”. To me that’s something organic that’s found in nature. If you can find some high fructose corn syrup in nature I’ll kiss your arse. (Sorry for the curse word but it was used for emphasis). High fructose corn syrup or HFCS 90 is made by industrial scientists under laboratory conditions, not by God (if you believe in him) or under the sun.

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